Digital marketing strategies for events

The creation of events represents an effective marketing channel. To double their effectiveness, however, it is important to accompany them with an effective digital marketing strategy.

The digital marketing strategy

A physical event, whatever it is, cannot do without a well thought-out digital marketing strategy. It is this strategy that will bring people to the event. We can therefore conclude that it is a sine-qua-none condition to the success of the event. What would be the best organized event in the world without visitors? A failure... This is why it is preferable to surround yourself with the services of a web agency to optimize the web referencing of the event. The optimization of your referencing allows you to generate more traffic. These are the prospects who come directly to you.

What strategy for an event?

To succeed in a corporate event, it is first of all necessary to identify its objective. You can start by creating a website for the organization and management of events. You can follow a simple but effective concept, the SMART objective (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely). Your objectives are specific, calculable, achievable and relevant. It is also essential to know your target audience. To create an event management website with WordPress, you can use the event name as the domain name. A webmaster will help you identify the most suitable web hosting for your needs.

Create compelling content!

One of the best ways to promote your event and engage your audience is to create a website. The user experience must be memorable to increase the likelihood of them registering and attending your event. Creating a landing page is a good marketing strategy. It gathers relevant information about the user through the submission of a form (name, email address, undertaken etc.)

Marketing strategies for events

On a web page, aesthetics and design count. They attract the user and therefore deserve to be worked on. The optimization of the content will help you to achieve a good referencing on Google. To get immediate visibility in search engines, you can create campaigns via Google Ads. Optimizing Google Ads campaigns ensures a good result and guarantees a good return on investment (ROI). It is essential that Google users have a pleasant experience and are attracted to what they are viewing. If they decide to leave the page because they find the content too superficial or irrelevant, Google will detect this and penalize the page with a lower position.

Targeting your audience with email marketing

 About 40% of marketers say that the best way to promote an event is through email. Once you have created a relevant web page, the next step is to get the word out about the event. With a medium as effective as email, you can easily contact your customers. This means also allows you to get known via word of mouth, between customers. Rely on the creation of a newsletter with convincing content. And, don't forget to improve the SEO score of your site to reference it well on the web.

Create an event on Facebook

It's important to add links to share the event on social networks when you send email invitations. Facebook offers a tool on its platform to promote an event. The ability to create events on Facebook is a great way to keep users informed of the event date. Once the invitation is accepted, it is automatically saved to their smartphone calendar. It is essential to take advantage of this communication channel by publishing relevant and quality content on the Facebook event page.

Find the memorable #hashtag!

Instagram and Twitter are two popular platforms to promote an event. So remember to be creative to stand out! Think of a unique hashtag that unifies attendees across social media platforms. Use it on the event's website and on the event's Facebook page. This will increase awareness of your company and your event! The more popular your event is, the better your SEO will be. It also allows you to quickly analyze and track engagement and interactions. The hashtag is also a way for participants to interact with each other. They can also share their experience during the event. This can become a new marketing tool to use later.

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