Incentive events / team building

The goal of inter-company events: to bring employees and teams together!

In recent years, we have seen companies move away from competitive work environments to workplaces where collaboration and cooperation between staff is seen as the key to company-wide success. As part of this shift, more and more companies are regularly…

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10 tips for an incentive program that goes beyond compensation

For the past several decades, employee motivation was primarily about raises, promotions and bonuses. Those days are over, and today’s employers are quickly learning that engagement stems from different types of incentives – those that impact an employee’s emotional, rather…

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Our top ten incentive tips!

We’ve worked on many campaigns over the past 10 years that have effectively used incentives to drive real-time results and excellent ROI. We understand that an incentive program can be time consuming and often difficult to manage, especially when it’s…

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