5 benefits of live corporate events

Due to cost and venue capacity restrictions, a well-produced event can only have a limited number of in-person attendees. Live corporate events have many benefits not only during, but also after your event. It helps to include and inform those who were unable to attend and provides content for future marketing campaigns. Here are some reasons why you should live stream your next big event.

Engage a wider audience

Live corporate events help spread your message around the world and allow for engagement with attendees who can't attend the event in person. This is a bonus because when you share your message, it also allows people who can't attend to see, interact with and share your event content. An added benefit could be that if you make a killer event opening video, more people will be able to enjoy the product of all your hard work! Some companies were skeptical about live streaming corporate events in the past due to the fear that people would choose to sit and watch from home instead of attending. In contrast, it has actually helped people decide to attend next year for more reasons than just listening to the keynote speakers and the opportunity to engage and network in person.

Increases future attendance

Live streaming corporate events are the best way to show those who don't attend in person how great your event is and what they're missing. 15% to 30% of virtual attendees will come to your physical event the following year, making live streaming the most cost-effective marketing tool for increasing physical attendance. Many virtual attendees know very little about your company or the event itself. The live stream serves as an introduction to what it's all about, so they are excited and inspired to attend the conference the following year. If it's an annual corporate event or a conference already planned in advance, you can even give special codes to virtual attendees to receive a discounted ticket for next year.

Connect with your audience

Live streaming offers a unique opportunity to meet your target audience directly and have them see everything in real time. Rather than just listening, they have the chance to follow the event on social media while interacting with you. Audience participation can be an important part of many events for things like roundtables or panels. When a speaker presents their topic, questions can be asked at the end. With live streaming, chat boxes can be set up where virtual participants can enter their questions and answer them during or at the end of the stream.

Archive your event

Live corporate events are an important tool for maximizing the value of your organization's digital strategy. Live streaming also means recording your event, which means it can be archived and used in the future for many different purposes. Use the moments that happened on stage to bring people back to the event through all forms of post-event communication such as: social media posts, follow-up emails or blog posts on your website. The footage from your stream can also be creatively repurposed into a great event highlight reel for future video marketing campaigns.

Offer convenience

In order to attend in-person events, participants are required to put everything else in their lives on hold. Work, family, and many other things are just as important and will often decide whether or not someone attends. By offering live streaming, you are catering to those with busy lives who can't physically make it to your event. It also provides an alternative option for those who end up canceling at the last minute where they can watch the live stream instead of asking for their refund.

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