Events, a sector in its own right!

Events can have several objectives. It can be a fully-fledged communication activity that is very important for the success of a company. To organise a trade fair, a party, a festival or a concert, a good deal of organisation is required, more about events on

Event management jobs:
Top jobs that are recruiting!

Certain jobs in the events sector are very promising. Among the jobs that are recruiting are dedicated project managers, advertising agency managers, communication managers, etc.

Show administrator

A show administrator manages grants, correspondence, the budget, partnerships, the treasury, etc.

Festival Director

The festival director is a manager who determines the objectives and implements the means to achieve them.

Exhibition curator

The exhibition curator designs a historical, artistic or scientific exhibition and organises the event.

How to organise a sports event?

To plan a sports event, you need to determine the time, date and place, draw up a detailed plan…

Support for the organisation of cultural events

To be eligible for a grant to organise cultural events, the activity must have a real cultural dimension. This means that the objective of the event must be cultural. Another eligibility criterion is that the event must not be exclusively philanthropic or that the aim must not be to make a profit.

The success of the organisation depends on training a team to plan and analyse your project, define your priorities and draw up an action plan, more about planning on

The ideal format for your
future company event


Team building allows employees and collaborators of a company to improve their group work.

Incentive seminar

A company seminar improves the cohesion and motivation of a company’s employees.


Similar to a barcamp, a workshop is an exchange and work session based on a specific theme.

Afterwork: a friendly and relaxed moment

The afterwork creates an osmosis within the teams. By bringing employees together for a drink, this moment of relaxation allows colleagues to get together at the end of a working day. This event usually takes place in a bar, a festive establishment or in the company.

Teambuilding ideas around a cooking workshop

Organise a team building cooking event for a convivial occasion.

The Roadshow: an event closer to the customers!

The roadshow or promotional tour attracts consumers' attention.

The video game, a communication method for brands

How to do branding in video games?

Business gifts have a new value

Offer goodies to convey your values and your image.

The small meeting, a solution in times of crisis

The small meeting is a well thought-out solution for being present and uniting teams in order to better prepare for the future. To achieve this, there is no need to travel several kilometres to get a change of scenery. The trick is to find a seminar venue close to the company. Make sure that the inspiring location is conducive to reflection.

And finally all the digital

Live streaming to bring your events to life

The social-wall at the service of events

The social-wall is a digital animation that serves as a communication tool. The installation of a screen allows you to display the tweets and posts of the guests.

Live streaming to bring your events to life

Live streaming maximises the participation rate of future editions of your events. Make your events live to simplify its promotion.